While making a will is usually a permanent way to specify how your assets will be distributed among your beneficiaries, sometimes events can arise that make it necessary to change a will. For example, a marriage, a divorce, the sudden death or birth of a child or the acquisition of a large amount of financial assets can mean that the terms of a will no longer make sense, and changes need to be made. The laws that govern probate and wills also change from time to time, so it is wise for a testator to review a will every few years or so to make certain that it still expresses his or her wishes. If a change is to be made, it’s always wise to consult with an experienced will and probate attorney to ensure that the changes are made correctly.

Why It’s Important to Hire An Attorney

The laws and statutes of the state of Kentucky are designed to ensure that any changes made to a will that has already been drafted, can be taken seriously and were not the result of pressure or influence from another. Although a will may legally be changed, there are provisions in place to make sure that the will is still valid and is not casually altered. Hiring an attorney to add a codicil or amendment, to a will is advisable because this shows that the testator truly intended to change the will for reasons that are logical and well-documented. Once this is done, the attorney can help you find a safe place to keep the will so that after your death, its terms can be followed accurately. If your beneficiaries understand the terms of your will ahead of time, this is also more likely to prevent disputes.

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