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Estate Planning Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to estate planning, you probably have a variety of questions about trusts, wills, or other estate planning tools. Here our experienced estate planning legal team answer some of these popular questions. When should I create an estate plan? If you have...

Ways of Avoiding Probate in Kentucky

When specific arrangements are not made by the owner of financial assets for how those assets will be distributed after his or her death, the assets will go through a probate process in Kentucky courts. This means that the state courts will decide how they will be...

What Can an Elder Law Attorney Do For Me?

Most of the time, people don't want to think about what the future will bring when they get old. They're often busy with managing their current lives and with dealing with the decisions they need to make about employment, relationships, housing, and how to make ends...

Remote Estate Planning

The unexpected invasion by the coronavirus makes the need for proper planning exceptionally clear. If you or a family member become too ill to make health care or financial decisions, appropriate legal documents are crucial. Even if Last Will and Testaments or Power...

How to Create a Will

If you read our article last month about the importance of creating a will, you may be wondering how to get started. A will is designed to help you establish a plan for your assets after your death. Though it’s not necessarily a complicated process, it is vital that...

New Years Resolution: Creating or Updating a Will

Most Americans would rather get a root canal or do their taxes than prepare a will. And while we understand that laying out your final wishes can be difficult, it’s probably not as miserable as you might imagine. More importantly, having a will can save your loved...


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