In the state of Kentucky, as in other states, it is important for anyone who wants their final wishes to be honored to make a will. A will stipulates how a person wants to distribute their assets after death, and empowers the beneficiaries to receive their inheritances. Without a will, these assets will be under the jurisdiction of the state and their disposition will be regulated by state law. Any existing beneficiaries cannot dispute the disposition made by the state. That’s why it’s important to discuss estate planning and the making of a will with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer. This way, future conflicts are avoided and the wishes of the deceased are more likely to be carried out in full.

Legal Requirements for a Will

A valid will in the state of Kentucky must meet several minimum legal requirements. The will must be in some form of written communication, either printed or typed. It must also have the signature of the person who is making it, along with the signatures of two witnesses who actually were present at the signing of the will. If the person making the will is unable to sign it, he or she can have someone else do this, but whoever signs may not be one of the two witnesses. The witnesses should not be parties who have some interest in what is said in the will, like beneficiaries or similar. To write a will, a person must be age eighteen or older and must be “of sound mind”, or aware of what he or she is doing and not declared mentally incompetent. Having an attorney present at the making of a will is not necessary, but it does help to ensure that all of the legal requirements are being met.

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