When it comes to estate planning, you probably have a variety of questions about trusts, wills, or other estate planning tools. Here our experienced estate planning legal team answer some of these popular questions.

When should I create an estate plan?

If you have children, family members with special needs, assets, or death benefits, you should make an estate plan as soon as possible. Our estate planning lawyers help you to plan who will be the beneficiaries and title the property properly. We also will draft all estate planning documents relative to your situation.

What happens if I don’t have an estate plan?

If you have property but you do not have a will at the time of your death, your estate will go to a probate court. The court will appoint an administrator of the estate. Preference will be given to someone the family agrees upon. Without a will, a court can force distribution property based to the descent laws and not how you would have distributed it. Take control over your property and plan ahead with an estate plan.

What are the requirements for a will in Kentucky?

You can create a will if you are of sound mind and over 18 years of age. The will must be done in writing and signed by at least two witnesses who sign it in front of a testator and the others.

What’s the difference between a will and a living will?

A will is a legal document that discusses who an executor of an estate is and appoints guardian for children. A living will is a document that may direct how end-of-life decisions are made such as whether or not they will be on life support or if they want a DNR order.

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