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Illness, injury, disability – these are all unfortunate setbacks in life that can affect your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Fortunately, there are benefits available to help ease your financial burden when working just isn’t an option. The Jaeger Firm’s dedicated disability lawyers will work with you and your family to navigate complex application processes and pursue the benefits you need.

Veteran’s Benefits

You fought for us all. Now let us fight for you. If you or your loved one is an aging, injured, or disabled wartime veteran, you may be eligible for VA Pension benefits known as Aid and Attendance. These are valuable benefits most veterans and their families are unaware even exist. 

At the Jaeger Firm, we’re committed to helping the heroes who have already sacrificed so much for our country. Applying for VA Pension benefits can be a confusing, lengthy, frustrating process. Our experienced VA Pension lawyers are well-versed in this application process and can guide you every step of the way. From gathering the correct paperwork to filling out forms,  we’ll work tirelessly to help you secure the benefits you need and deserve.

Special Needs Planning

Caring for a family member with special needs can be both extremely rewarding and emotionally taxing. Trying to ensure they’ll always have the care and financial support they need requires careful planning and intricate knowledge of the benefits and services available to families and individuals with special needs. 

Our experienced disability lawyers can secure the future of your disabled loved one by helping to create a plan to ensure their needs are continuously met. We’ll work closely with you and your family to navigate the complexities of applying for and maintaining the vital government benefits you desperately need, including Medicaid, ABLE Accounts, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and more.   

Social Security Disability

If you’re facing a debilitating injury or long-term illness, continuing to work may be out of the question. Our skilled Social Security Disability lawyers can help you achieve peace of mind while you’re out of work. 

All too often, the people who need these payments most are turned down for benefits due to a complicated and frustrating application process. The Jaeger Firm’s dedicated disability lawyers will guide you through every step of the process, from initial applications to denied claims and hearings, to help you attain the financial benefits you’re entitled to.  


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