There’s an old saying that goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and this is certainly true when it comes to probate disputes. The best way to deal with a probate dispute is to not have one in the first place, which can often be accomplished by consulting a skilled estate planning lawyer to make your will and to specify how you want your assets distributed among your beneficiaries after you die. However, even with the best of planning, sometimes these disputes still arise. A distant relative may dispute the terms of the will or there may be debtors who claim to be owed some of the assets. Having an experienced probate dispute lawyer represent you in court is an effective way to ensure that the terms of your will are honored and that your assets do not spend many years being tied up in a legal dispute.

Contesting a Will

If a will has been in place for many years before the testator (person making the will) dies, a relative may come forward after the death to claim that the testator was not mentally competent when the will was made. Or, another relative who finds him or herself in debt may, out of desperation, decide to dispute the terms of the will in the hope of getting funds to pay some of it off. Someone else may even come along and claim that the testator was unduly influenced by a beneficiary. When such a dispute arises, the validity of the will may then be challenged in probate court. This is when a probate dispute lawyer who is familiar with the state laws really comes in handy. This lawyer can help to clarify issues and verify the original intention of the will.

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